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Similarly to memory processes, Elena Grossi’s work originates from a delicately varied act of repetition. In fact, her imagery is the product of the re-reading of already existing pictures and gazes. On the one hand, the serial principle recurring in her productive strategy is a way to almost scientifically investigate the visual construction of a narrative memory at a social level; on the other hand, the playful manner in which her analysis is pursued suggests the individual re-appropriation of what has been conformed to a collective memorial standard.

Curated by
Lorenzo Graf


June 15th 2019:
6pm> doors
7pm> ‘HOME AT LAST’: Artist talk with Elena Grossi and curator Lorenzo Graf, followed by an open discussion (DE/ITA).

June 16th 2019:
6pm> doors
7pm> ‘DJ SHADOW’: A talk about Aleida Assmann’s conception of cultural memory with art historian Alexandra Reisser and curator Lorenzo Graf, followed by an open discussion (DE – in cooperation with translator Marcella Moschini).

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